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Originally Posted by A Roc 23
Just started watching, thanks Rab.

Is that Lampe? Could there be a possible return?
No prob. It was kind of nice to see Amare out there running again, instead of barely being able to trot up and down the court.

Yeah, Lampe is on our Summer League team. There is an interview with him on He would be a cheap way to go if the Suns went that way, or if they are looking to fill a roster spot.

It looks like there are about 2 or 3 guys, including Lampe, that the Suns are looking at.

Lionel Chalmers
Romain Sato

I know Chalmers played some with the Clips before, and I have hear Sato's name a lot since the camp started, so they must be high on him.
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