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Default Re: Week 1 Discussion and Game Thread

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
I really liked what I saw in the first half. LBs played well in coverage and the secondaries, which is our weakest unit right now, played very competently. They had Brees' completion percentage pretty low and got after it but he's Drew Brees ya know? Quick release and his accuracy saved that offense.

We kinda let up in the second half but that's typical of the Skins defense in the second half. Always make it hard on themselves. Guess I can't complain cuz we got the win and we lost another safety for extended time (that's 3).

Watching Kerrigan and Orakpo is a pleasure tho
With the Rams oline being in disarray and the Skins playing as well as they did, I'm strongly considering using their D this weekend in a lot of my fantasy leagues. I think they should really be able to get after Bradford and STLs WRs/TEs are downright putrid.
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