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Default Re: Notre Dame to the ACC, sort of

No one is leaving the ACC anyway.

The Florida schools don't want to go because the only other conference would be the SEC and they wouldn't want to play second fiddle to UF. FSU is already throwing a fit over Notre Dame joining.

UNC and Duke wouldn't leave because they run the conference.

State's delusional fans want to head to the SEC, but there's a reason why they are delusional.

Any other move would be lateral at best for teams like UVA, VPI, Clemson, and BC. That's if they would even be allowed in other conferences. Wake? The ACC should drop that worthless school. All they add is to the academics.

The Big East was on its deathbed already. This pretty much seals the deal.

Also Notre Dame should be joining football soon. With a college football playoffs becoming more inevitable, they will really have no choice if they want to remain "Notre Dame", so to speak.

Once they do join football, the ACC gets a nice boost just with the perception of Notre Dame. Although someone is going to eventually have to start winning at a national level, rather it be Notre Dame, Miami, FSU, Clemson, or VPI. As far as I'm concerned, they are still the worst major BCS football conference. I'm not including the Big East.

Basketball? Oh my god that is one rough conference. And interesting too since you have K, Roy, and Boeheim all within what? 2-7 seasons of their retirements. There could be a huge change in the landscape of that conference for the short term, as we've seen with UNC with Doherty, or UK with Gillispie, or IU with Sampson... It's not easy replacing a legend.
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