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Default Re: Official Guild Wars 2 thread

I got the game and was severely disappoiinted.

The leveling is original and relatively exciting, but that's where the positives end.

The WvW is a zergfest on a map that is way too big with no strategy whatsoever.

The structured PvP has absolutely no rewards and every character is automatically given the best gear. There is no progression. You have no reason to play your character and build him up. Your professions don't matter, your gear doesn't matter, your level don't can make a level 1 character and literally have all skills and gear. A joke...

The gameplay for PvE is varied and fun though a bit unprecise. The PvP gameplay is a sloppy shitfest and damage is much too high even in small-scale fights.

The PvE is promising but it is the only reason to work on your character. Because I don't want to spend weeks leveling a character for only PvE, I returned the game.

Massive disappoint for a game that was supposed to be PvP-oriented when the innovations I see are only for PvE and leveling.
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