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Default Re: official comic book thread

Originally Posted by Loneshot
Yeah, i get all that. Its just weird the way its been written so far. A lot of what ifs, and Scott and company continuously proving Avengers wrong, until the Avengers almost get so tired of being wrong that they do everything to force the scenario they thought would happen. Scott remained incredibly calm and humble (even when he absorbed more power) and they just kept poking at the dude. Its beyond me how the writers wrote it this way and don't seem to expect us to see the Avengers as the protagonist.

I know the Phoenix is a big no-no, but Scott continuously proved he had everything under control. In the beginning i was with the Avengers in thinking Scott was crazy, but once they started creating world peace in every way, there was seemingly little reason to pick a fight.

yea, i agree. it wasn't really written all that well. they seem to forget that the whole reason the first dark phoenix came about was b/c mastermind kept ****ing with Jean's head. rachel had the phoenix force for a long time with no problems...

i just go with the flow and say "meh, it's comics..."
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