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Default Re: Introducing the Texas Titans!

I think Randle is overhyped.

First of all... Chris Webber comparisons? Please. Webber was one of the best high school players of his generation. Randle isn't even the best in his class. You can make an argument that he's not even top 3. And after Wiggins reclassifies, he continues to drop further down.

His motor is tremendous. It's also his biggest weakness at the moment. You can play 101% every play, but you better be smart about it. I swear in all the games I have seen him play, he's gotten called for more offensive fouls than defensive ones. He had a game earlier against Each 1 Teach 1 and he fouled out... All but one of his fouls were charges. It's insane how stupidly aggressive he can play on offense. It's also just not the charges but the turnovers he compiles... Many of them are so bad and very much avoidable.

He's a good offensive player. He's built like an NFL runningback so that helps. For his size, he's great at putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim. He has a nasty spin move while going full speed to get defenders out of position. Because of that, he gets to the free throw line a bunch. Also a very good and improving passer off the dribble. Can shoot, but he needs to improve it a bit more. I certainly wouldn't call him a good shooter by any means. My problem is that he's an incredibly strong 6-9 PF and he has no post moves. You get him to pick up his dribble and he's a deer in the headlights. Great offensive rebounder, though. Usually off his own misses... Which, btw, he misses a lot of bunnies. I'm pretty sure he gets up shots just to get his own rebounds. He also plays below the rim for a guy with his athleticism. He's strong and explosive. He just doesn't get up that high during the game.

I get that he plays point forward for his AAU team (high school team too?). That's fine and all. It might even work in college because most people just aren't his size at that level. My worry is that he becomes to reliant on his perimeter game and completely avoids where he presents the biggest mismatch: in the post. Get him some post moves and that will redefine his entire career trajectory. He will become too strong with his back to the basket. Too quick facing up. And he can pass and, hopefully, shoot consistently by then. Right now he's on the path of Josh Smith without the world class athleticism and a lot less defensive ability. I think he will be a better college than NBA player.

His recruitment is interesting. At one point I heard Duke was leading. Especially after his AAU teammate Matt Jones, committed to them. Then I heard UNC was leading because his mother (playing a big part in his recruitment) absolutely loves Roy Williams. Then I heard he's going to Kansas because he grew very fond of Danny Manning. Now I hear Kentucky might be leading because Randle wants to play facing up, a la Terrence Jones and Danny Manning took the Tulsa head coaching job.

The only consistent information I seem to be getting now is that he's down to UK, UNC, and KU. Everyone else is window dressing. And, frankly, it wouldn't be surprising if he ended up at either of the three schools.
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