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Default Re: #34 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by MiamiThrice
I think your referrring to your boy Kobe whose never won a playoff series without Shaq or Gasol .

The Lakers won the 2010 title with defense and rebounding. The dominant rebounder in the 2010 Finals was Gasol who got key rebound after key rebound in the 4 Lakers wins of that series. Gasol got 19.8%, 15.8%, 16.6%, and 22.0% of total available rebounds in the 4 win Lakers. LA greatly outrebounded Boston in the 4 victories and the biggest reason was Gasols rebounding.

EVERY SINGLE GAME of that series went to the team that won the rebounding battle. This was a series won by defense and rebounding and Gasol bothered Bostons best player KG all series as well, while also playing great help defense on the drivers. All Kobe did was play 10 feet off Rondo because he couldn't stay on him and didn't want to get blown by.

Only an uneducated basketball fan would think Kobe was the better player in this series when he shot 40% for the entire series and 25% in the pivotal Game 7 where Gasol got 18 rebounds. BUT HURR HURR 28 PPG!!!

Gasol had 13 turnovers the entire series and did a phenomal job in the post against one of the premier post defenders in the league. LAs offense was much more fluid working through Gasol in that series.

It's really no surprise that LA went from a .500 first round and out team to a mini-dynasty with the simple addition of Pau Gasol.

Friday night trolling? How old are you?
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