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sean, t-will, CDR... i really hope that at some point any or all of them 'gets it' and can return to the NBA and be productive. it's mind-blowing to me how these guys can all possess such astonishing athleticism and yet be so horrible at doing the basic things that the rest of us have to deal with every day.

i mean, for them, millions and millions of dollars are hanging in the balance... for us... we get to hang on to our jobs another day. i mean, as i was reading through the latter half of sean's pro career just now i kept thinking to myself "and THEN he finally got it together and became a reliable player, right? no?? okay, but with his next stop, THEN he finally got it together, right? okay, how about his next stop...?"

check it out:

unbelievable... waived yet again only two weeks ago for who knows what silliness.
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