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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by Bano114
Well I think Vincent Jackson is doomed this season and giving up Benson is much better then giving up Morris. I also love Ridleys upside and think you can have a legit 1 2 3 RB punch with him morris and Jackson if the season plays out well.

As far as Pettigrew goes, he's your bench TE right? Not a big loss at all.

I like both Malcolm Floyd and Ridley this year and hate Jackson and dont think Benson will be consistent enough this year.

Do some research with strength of schedule especially around the last 4 weeks and if the match-ups are in your favor...go for it.


Damn the guy I'm trading with came to his senses.

Might have to do




instead.....still a no brainer right?
Yup. I'd still do it. Don't see Turner having great value this year.
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