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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Is Mikel Leshoure going to be any good when he gets back? Picked him up as a FA since i'm planning on trying to turn Chris Johnson into a quality WR, which is proving difficult at the moment as the only offer I received was for Anquan Boldin.
Run don't walk to turn CJ4Yards into a quality WR. He's 2 days from having another disastrous game vs a solid defense and what little value/name recognition he has left will quickly evaporate. He's going to have a truly awful year and will go down as a massive bust. I can't think of a player who has underperformed at the level he's at right now. Of course there are top picks who get injured but he stays healthy and does nothing. It's almost looks hes hurting your team even more because you're generally forced to start him. He's truly awful, and I think he'll be a bust in round 4-5 next year if he's even still a starting RB in the NFL.

Leshoure coming off a brutal injury and I don't see him being anything more then a short yardage plodder and goal line back. If Kevin Smith is healthy Leshoure won't see more then 6-8 carries a game. He looked awful in the preseason and Kevin Smith is really a great system fit for the offense they run in Detroit. He will have some value in standard leagues and he'll have a chance to get some goal line work but to me he's nothing more then a Kevin Smith handcuff.

I sold CJ4Yards for Frank gore and I was literally ecstatic. I think after week 2 you'll get a lot less in return. I own him in one other league and I've sent a trade offer to literally every member and can't get anything. I'd like to cut him honestly in that league, it's a 10 team standard league so he's pretty much worthless. I'd take peanuts on the dollar at this point.
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