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Default Re: Recruiting for next season

Did you hear the rumors about Barber?

He goes to visit Louisville (very much in his recruitment at the time) about a week back. Thing are fine and then he gets caught stealing a girl's cell phone and/or about $1500 worth of crap from the players.

Pitino then informed Self and Grant (KU and Bama also near the top of his list) and they dropped their offers.

Apparently State was his only option left. Because Gottfried doesn't care about that kind of stuff? I mean Purvis still isn't illegible. To be fair, Purvis graduated top of his class. Of course, he was the only graduating student in his class...

It also makes sense about Barber. He gave no implication that he would be deciding this soon. At the very least, he would take his visits. I heard a lot of rumors about him and Troy Williams pairing up at Bama. Then suddenly he commits on the spot to NC State? And this is a top 10 kid too... Something happened.
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