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Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
And everything you wrote in this post is so dumb that my IQ dropped

First, as bad as Real is right now, they WILL get out of the first round... Why? Mourinho... Thats why.

Second, people were saying the same thing 4 years ago - ' It will be extremely hard for Barca to win CL in the first year without Rijkaard... Pep is too inexperienced' ... Did you know what happened that year? Barca won EVERY trophy.

As for the winner, Barca and Real are still the favourites, with both Manchesters after them. Bayern and Chelsea have an outside chance.

And Chelsea doesnt really look terrific. Their defense is shaky. They have holes in the middle after getting rid of Essien and Meireles. And lol no Romeu is far from a regular starter. And they should not get rid of Torres, since he will be cheap now ( they got him for shitload of money so it wont make sense ), so they should give him a full season as a starter before they do something about his future.

BTW, since you are such a spelling checker, you should be able to read and write correctly my username. Well done, dumbass.

There is no good reason Bayern should be considered to have an "outside chance" behind Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, or even Barcelona.

Not sure if trolling.

IMO Tier 1 is Barcelona and Bayern.
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