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Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by BEAST Griffin
Badstuber is good and only getting more experienced. He's also great at distributing from the back. I don't know who you have been watching. Dante was rated 2nd best defender in the Bundesliga behind Hummels.

Okay. But let's just assume I concede that point.

Bayern's midfield shits all over Chelsea's, and United's midfield and we all saw what a midfield even without Schweinsteiger in one game and with an injured Schweinsteiger in the other did to Real's midfield. And it only got stronger.

You also forget that Bayern is a pretty young team in a lot of positions. Younger than Man City I think who you give the "more experience" bonus.

"outside chance" is big reach
badstuber is always shaky when i watch him, he could do a costly mistake any minute..i wouldnt trust him in big games... and i didnt know that about dante... didnt really notice him last years in the few gladbah games i watched... he has been good so far this season, but yeah like i said weak opponents who dont posses much of a treat

and bayern midfield is strong no doubt, top 3 in the world alongside barca and city... but lets not forget that they are the most injury prone of the favourites and they have some prima donnas who can fight for a free kick anyday

so yeah its way to early to talk about the CL finalists who will need to face Barca.
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