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Default Re: Third-Person Action/Adventure/Shooters??

Originally Posted by BankShot
A few comments in response to a few threads above me:

- Maybe with the integration of open worlds these days, it seems as though games like Assassins Creed, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, etc, do a better job of keeping me interested unlike Uncharted and Resident Evil 5 (which was dissapointingly linear unlike the originals).

- I've tried my best to convince myself to get into the Mass Effect series.... but I don't want to go backwards to an old game (ME-1), I've heard such mass disappointment about ME-3, and the story and character building just doesn't seem to strike me as my style.

- Sleeping Dogs is mildly intriguing, but with 2k13, RE3, and AC3, all coming out in the next 6 weeks, I don't necessarily want to spend $60 and invest time into what will become a fourth-string game.

We're definitely cut from the same cloth based on your RE5 opinion. It wasn't that it was a bad game, it was actually quite artfully done, it just wasn't a RE game. The puzzling was minimal. The enemies were far more strategic than their usual element of being put in tight places, and operating in mass. And it was extremely level-y, or mission based. Each mission may have been somewhat free roamable, but they were still very mission oriented.

I love RE2, and I was late to the game on 4, but enjoyed that, even though it was a major departure. But I still have never quite replicated that feeling of RE1. Probably in part because I was the perfect age when it came out. But I remember fondly being stuck at a door. Running around looking for a key, treachorously low on ammo, and then finally finding the key, unlocking the door, and coming out on the other side of a hallway I'd already been in. It completely blew my mind at the time. The way that house sort of unfolded. Just opened up, was unlike anything I remember playing up to that point. Even aside from the Zombies, the cheesey comedy of the dialogue, the gore of blowing heads off, that game was great in it's layout even without all those other elements (of course I have it now and the controls make it almost unplayable).

I too would like to get into Mass Effect, but I have similar concerns. I don't really want to go back to an inferior game in the first one just to make the story flesh out, but I feel like I'd have to.

And I'd give Sleeping Dogs a shot. Maybe wait until it's available used on the cheap, but I bought it while putting in preorders for RE6, Hitman, The Last of Us, and AC3. Picked it up on basically after reading in here people saying they liked it. I was leary based on review scores, but it was really fullfilling. If you like GTA, you'll almost certainly dig it. And it's not too awfull long. Maybe 20 - 25 hours for a pretty filled up finish to it.
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