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Default Re: What game did you finish?

Originally Posted by ACCBaller1403
How could you have played Demon's Souls and not Dark Souls? I just did another runthrough of DKS as a sorcerer and had a blast. There are so many ways to play that game and the depth is staggering. The lore and history of it is crazy as well. I would highly suggest playing it if you haven't yet.

I'm excited for the Castlevania LOS sequel. The first game was very underrated by the media.

Would you recommend Sleeping Dogs? I'm not a huge fan of GTA due to the repetitiveness but I heard this was decent with an Arkham City-like fighting system. Worth a buy?

Next up for me is Borderlands 2. The first was incredible and the sequel looks like it took everything from the first and added a great story.

I have Dark Souls but I have not gotten to it. No doubt it's a keeper.

I loved Lord of Shadows. I can't wait for the sequel.

I too got bored of the GTA formula. Sleeping Dogs feels fresher. Great driving, Max Payne like shooting, and yes Batman-esque type fighting. It took me about 15 hours to it doesn't drag on forever. The story is pretty good. It was worth a buy for me....if you wanna wait, $40 would be a good deal on this game. Check out the Sleeping Dog thread for more input.

Borderlands 2 tomorrow!!!

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