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Default Re: Top 50 Celtics of all-time

Originally Posted by Raz
Hey guys,

I was planning on putting together an article on this. I'm interested in hearing your opinions on who you would pick.

Off the top off my head:
1. Bill Russell
2. Larry Bird
3. Bob Cousy
4. John Havlicek
5. Dave Cowens
6. Paul Pierce
7. Sam Jones
8. Kevin McHale
9. Robert Parish
10. Tommy Heinsohn
11. Jo Jo White
12. Dennis Johnson
13. Bill Sharman
14. Cedric Maxwell
15. KC Jones
16. Kevin Garnett
17. Rajon Rondo
18. Frank Ramsey
19. Danny Ainge
20. Frank Ramsey
21. Tiny Archibald
22. Reggie Lewis
23. Ed Macauley
24. Tom Sanders
25. Don Nelson

Those are not ordered very well. But you get the idea, right?

I'm going to base this off:
-Impact on team

So a guy like Walter McCarty may rank higher than a better player like Dino Radja.

I was about to say Dino, because he was like the best player when I started watch Celtic games. But then yeah, he might not fit all those parameters. How about Dee Brown?
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