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Default Re: Jeff…. let's adopt SourPatchKids

Originally Posted by andgar923
Well… there's times when we all hang out, so he can chill with all of us. We'll let him drink some of our beer, maybe get him a lil bit high for laughs. After that it'll be on a first come basis.

Say you need help cleaning your garage, you get dibs.

You need somebody to stand in the DMV line for you, we'll understand.

If you're too lazy to pick up something from the store, he'll be more than eager to go get you your items, just make sure you let him keep the change for a soda.

We can dress him up as a girl, just because.

But I'm sure most of us will wanna chill with him to kill time. You're bored and wanna play a game, wanna watch a film, or wanna use him in your income tax.

He won't have any time for his academics then.
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