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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Id take TWill in a heartbeat! We need a backup sf. Im not sold on Copeland or White. At the very least, you know TWill is going to give you tough defense. Hes also strong and athletic and a very good rebounder for his position. His shooting needs to improve though. If we can bring in bums like Mychal Thompson Jr n Chris Smith, we can bring in T Will.

Im not against signing TMac either. Every once in a while, he has one of those games where he reminds you of just how nice he used to be! For a bench role, thats really all you need. Someone who is competent. Someone you dont have to fear being a liability or completely incompetent everytime theyre on the court. We dont need him to be the old TMac. He still plays D pretty well. He is still versatile offensively. For the vet min, why not? Its just a damn shame tho. Who woulda thought ten yrs ago we would be sayin this about Tracy McGrady? There was a point where the argument everyone was having was, "who is the best player in the league? TMac or Kobe?"
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