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Default Sometimes I don't get the Patriots.

I don't want to think this is about the contract.

But I don't have any other explanation for why Welker isn't starting. Nor do I understand why you hand a guy 9.5 mil and then proceed to not start him. The Patriots have developed a rep for being a great franchise. And they are. But they don't care about their players and sometimes I wonder if keeping guys like Richard Seymour and Asante Samuel would have lead to one or two more SB victories. What I think (not a cap expert, could be wrong) is that they're just riding high on earlier glory to make a shit-ton of money while saving $ on the present squad. I certainly have no business telling Belicheck how to run a team, guy has gotten to the SB 5 times. But why does it seem like almost every time a guy other than Brady goes for full market value he goes somewhere else?
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