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Default Re: Sometimes I don't get the Patriots.

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I don't want to think this is about the contract.

But I don't have any other explanation for why Welker isn't starting. Nor do I understand why you hand a guy 9.5 mil and then proceed to not start him. The Patriots have developed a rep for being a great franchise. And they are. But they don't care about their players and sometimes I wonder if keeping guys like Richard Seymour and Asante Samuel would have lead to one or two more SB victories. What I think (not a cap expert, could be wrong) is that they're just riding high on earlier glory to make a shit-ton of money while saving $ on the present squad. I certainly have no business telling Belicheck how to run a team, guy has gotten to the SB 5 times. But why does it seem like almost every time a guy other than Brady goes for full market value he goes somewhere else?
At least your not the only one

Also welker is like 31 or something right? That mean BB will get rid of him soon as BB will see he has no longer need of his tool.
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