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Originally Posted by kkinchen
Here's another story about the Lakers and Barbosa. Also mentions some other quality free agents should be considering, including my guy Terrence Williams.

Nice article post kk.
I don't agree with it but is a sensible point of view.
I don't feel we should even consider anyone who has no big game or playoff experience......we've been burned by guys who can't handle the bright lights like Blake and Sessions. This team is built to win NOW, not for the distant future......would I trust Terrence Williams in a playoff game

I would put my focus on Chris Anderson who was #5 in blocked shots per 48 minutes played for guys who played at least 30 games. He is athletic, can run the floor and isn't scared of the moment.

Barbosa would be a good addition if we could dump Blake on someone for a draft pick.

DFish needs to come home and join us...............
as a coach only

The Clippers are like the creepy roommate who is so desperate to be like you that they start dressing like you and trying to do anything to look like you. They are digging in our trash to wear our old stuff......quite pathetic Who's next Smush Parker ?

I think Metta & Ebanks can handle 100% of the SF minutes......I don't see a need to add someone there......we don't need a shooter at that spot, just defense and hustle, the equivalent of Rodman on the Bulls.
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