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Originally Posted by kkinchen
I change my mind. We don't need Barbosa. He is not a very good defender, and we have plenty of scoring guards. We do need another small forward though. Terrence Williams should get our final roster spot.

This is going to be the third year for Devin Ebanks. I'd rather just give the spot to him. I like what he's seen. He has a nice mid range jumper, and he's also a very good secondary defender. He's a mini-ariza. As you've mentioned, we don't need anymore scorers. We have plenty. 4 guys on in the starting spot that can get 25 whenever they want, and guys off the bench who will do their job of keeping the +/- stat at a decent 0, or even a plus.

Terrence Williams is skilled enough anyways to where he'd demand more cash than we can give.
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