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Default Re: Ding: Rehabilitating Dwight Howard progresses to first Lakers training session

Originally Posted by bladefd
Can't believe Shaq would say that. He and his ego are clearly feeling threatened by Howard coming to Lakers just like he once did. Shaq can go kick rocks or jump off a building for all I care.

I always said Shaq was the most dominant player in nba history; 3 guys would try to stop him and he would just dunk on all 3 of them without breaking a sweat. I remember how he was impossible to guard straight-up in his ~5 year prime. Even the great dominant basketball god Shaq couldn't stop father time. I just wish he would get over it.. It's over man. You had your time, let Dwight have his. If you had given a damn about your work ethic, you may have dominated longer and won more rings. You didn't care. Period. You can go kick rocks now.

I am glad that Dwight's rehab is going as expected. I have a feeling he might miss first 4-5 games, but he will be ready to go after that. I mean the guy is already working out, doing basketball drills and running around. There is still a month and half to go. I expect him to be ready to go by mid-November.

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