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Default NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.


1. Peyton Manning - Going for his 5th MVP award
2 Peterson - Can't deny his greatness. He has made it close enough while playing his best for last to make this a tight race.
3. Aaron Rodgers - Elite stats, if Packers get first round bye he will get some votes
4. Tom Brady - Not finishing the year strong.
5. JJ Watt - A consistent force week in and week out. Clear cut DMVP to me.

Honorable Mention - Matt Ryan, RG3, Von Miller, Russell Wilson, Calvin Johnson, Drew Brees


1. JJ Watt - Having an all-time great season so far. I can't remember the last time I've seen somebody be more dominant.
2. Von Miller - His work against the run and pass is equally impressive.
3. Geno Atkins - The most disruptive pass rushing DT in the league.
4. Aldon Smith - Can't ignore his progression as more than just a pass rusher...though pass rushing alone he'd be worthy of this spot.
5. Patrick Willis - the prototype ILB, he really is this generations Ray Lewis on the field.

Honorable Mention: Richard Shurman, Cameron Wake, Ware

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