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Default Re: End of NY/Tampa Bay reactions

Originally Posted by tpols
It's football.. its legal to lower your shoulder into unsuspecting peoples heads and break their necks.. its one of the most violent team sports on earth. Legality has nothin to do with anything.

Giants are stupid for getting caught sleeping but tampa is dirty for pulling that.

Its like if floyd and pac went 14 rounds and it was clear pac won so far and then when they went to tap gloves to start the 15th round floyd threw a uppercut KO instead.

Break there necks? Come on. Since when has any Olinemen ever broke their neck.

Fact of the matter is, the Giants decided the game was over, the Bucs did not. Obviously what they did is not the norm but it was well within the rules. People are acting like they went Suh on them or something.

I see both sides of the issue but people are making it to be much larger than it is. The whining is particularly amusing.

You want dirty? How bout Baas punching the crap out of Quincy Black after the play.
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