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Default Re: Ever been in an altercation/argument/fight during pick up game?

Today I lost my cool and nearly started to hit a friend I know for 15 years.

We were meeting up at the ballpark and nobody's been there, so we played 2on2.

First game I played with that certain friend. I didn't stretch, shoot around or did any kind of warm up, they wanted to play straight away. I was pretty hung over and felt abit weak and slow. So I didn't play that well, but gave all I could at that moment. Aside from that I had a severe ankle sprain three weeks ago and have to wear a sleeve.

He's a guy with nearly no knowledge on basketball, never watches games not into stats, tactics or anything. He doesn't even know how to execute a pnr or pnp, he sets picks and waits for something to happen. He plays no defense, never rotates, but behaves like he's the reincarnation of Jordan. On top of that he's a sore loser.

He's got a good jumpshot, but nothing much else. He only camps the perimeter, even with defenders in his face, waits for the ball and starts to chuck up shots or dribbles till he's trapped, but still chucks up a low % shot.

I'm usually a guy operating in the post, but I got decent courtvision for my style of play, sucky handles, but I don't fumble the ball and know what to do if I'm on the perimeter with the ball in my hands.

So I drop him the ball and start to establish myself in the lowpost. As usual he starts shooting with a defender in his face on the first few possessions. Freezing me out of the game totally. Took a long time till the first buckets were scored. Everytime this happens I stop giving a shit going hard for rebounds, because I'm surely not trying to help him playing ego ball.

On defense we blocked the first 7! shots. 4 being blocked by him, but alot of over the back with alot of (hard) contact on the shooter.

I let my man trough twice since he wanted to defend the big guy and I should guard the smaller, quicker guy playing outside. Once I still got my hand on his shot the other time I called for help and he called me out for it being to late, although it was at very moment I got crossed.

Then he started calling out my defense, but I let it slide.
We lost.

Next game I played against him and he hit me on my shooting hand, I called foul, he called me a *****.

In the third game he got slightly hit by my teammate. Fighting for a loseball, he quit the game immediately saying he gets fouled all the time and doesn't want to play on. They were down and about to lose.

I called him out for being a real ***** if he leaves, which led to him going on a ****ing rant how I suck, how he gets mistreated - remind you he camps the perimeter all the time - with fouls. He called me names, that I can not ball in the slightest sense. When I told him that me being a post guy and him being a shooter would require him to get open else he's giving me droubles. I told him that he has no knowledge about simple inside/out game etcetc and should stop calling me out. Since his '04 finals Kobestyle of play is a huge reason for losing.

He tried to confront me physically at that point and I told him that he should play a 1on1 instead of that, because I was ready to beat him up at that moment and wanted to play it the cool way, he denied, but in the end let it slide.

I mean I get called out for a shooting foul I usually don't even take. I play in the post, bang into the zone, get hit by elbows in the face frequently - I even told him that - and that guy's got the nerves to talk lowlevel insulting shit..

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