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Default Re: Week 3 Discussion and Game Thread

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Cards vs Eagles is interesting.

Eagles have the best offenses in the NFL, as it is #1 in total yards. Problem? 9 turnovers. Cardinals have only forced 3 turnovers so far. I expect the Eagles to look better in that department. And the Eagles will turn you over as well, 6 so far this season.

Arizona has a rather weak offense, 30th in the league.

Eagles are 4th in total defense, Cardinals are 13th.

Eagles also have the revenge factor. The loss to the Cardinals last year essentially ruined the year for the Eagles. I wouldn't worry about them taking the Cards lightly this year, especially since both squads are 2-0. There is something about the Cardinals though. Seems like they just know how to win to put it simply. Seattle is a good team, as is New England. But if the Eagles can beat the best team in the AFC, then they shouldn't have a problem with the 2nd/3rd best team from the NFC West.

I agree... I worry about some of the matchups tho.. The top one is the oline up the middle.. We are vulnerable to stunts and other games up front with this new center... his name is Dallas something... I'm already skeptical of this mofo

anyway, I hope they continue to lean on the run game like they did against the ravens... Eagles seem to be able to hold the ball pretty well (T.O.P) so I think 30 to 35 pass attempts for Vick is a good range..
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