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Default Re: Week 3 Discussion and Game Thread

Originally Posted by niko
Giants, Jets, Saints, Bears, Lions, Steelers all face games that if they lose there season will look a lot different than if they win. Especially Jets and Saints. If Jets lose they will be 1-4 because SF and Houston are going to tap dance on them. If Saints lose and go to 0-3 bye bye.

You're exactly right, hence why I picked the way I did.

I can certainly see Cam ballin the f uck out on National TV but will it be enough? Can Eli be stopped/contained and how much pressure will be applied?

The Jets will make life hard for Tannehill and they will probably look to play a little conservative and getting a win from the rookie QB.

The Bears are a lot better than the trash they put on the field Thursday. Still can;t decide whether to start RGIII or Cutler. I moved Cutler to the bench after gettin me 5 pts.

Calvin Johnson has been kept somewhat quiet so I expect him to go off with Stafford spreading the ball.

Drew Brees is one of the best QBs of my time and I cannot see a team led by him going 0-3, inexperienced head coach or not.

MY one real toss up is BAl hosting NE. Neither team is used to having a losing record so it will be a battle. I'm not as confident about BAL defense against elite guys like Brady and Gronk. Sucks bout Hernandez but I hope NE game plans smartly for Flacco and Rice. Their front 7 is much improved. LEt's see how Joe does

edit: Steelers over the undisciplined Raiders....No explanation necessary...
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