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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon working with Knick players

Originally Posted by franchize
They were in London. They actually started camp early. The guys have to have some kinda offseason. I mean how do you think Woodsons goatee grows so perfectly. Gotta let that thing rest lol.

I read this article earlier n the stuff Dream was saying needs to be done seem more like thing Woodson has to do moreso than the players. Cohesion is fine n dandy, but ultimately, players are gonna go where you tell them to until a play or set breaks down. If you put the players in bad positions, it doesnt matter how in sync they are. I was pleased to see that Melo had Amare n the guys in PR for a celeb softball game. Too bad it got rained out Good to see that bond building amongst the fellas. Melo also said him n Amare sit around and joke about all the so called tension they supposedly have.
I know they were in London but to ingrain(sp?) post moves repetition repetition repetition....

Just dont know if a couple of months is enough to adapt improvements to ones game....
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