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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
So basically you want to replace fringe players/ non with more fringe/non players?

Who are these guys btw that you don't like, it's not like they will be rotation guys.
I am not one of those that over values players 10-15, but I see a depth issue when you have 11 nba players
Jr smith/brewer
Chandler/Camby/k Thomas

That's 11 counting shumpert and brewed who go into the season hurt- and with k Thomas being counted as a 4th big- Camby, amare, and Thomas with chandler as the only four bigs? That spells disaster with a sure to come injury- 2 of them injured at the same time is real problems.

A completely healthy roster and the Knicks have a good rotation- without that I don't like the idea of 4-5 guys playing who wouldn't play for any other nba team
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