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Default Re: Vince Young is out of money

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
It's not nearly as easy as you or everyone else assumes but I am sure he was immature and careless with his money...obviously

prolly has 6 cars on 50 inch diamond rims decked out with TVs and condos in multiple states not understanding that you have to pay bills on those objects forever...smh

The average NFL player has a short career like his and has to work after football though...

It's not hard to set up a sound financial plan on $26M. You need enough in a safe place to give you a good yearly amount to spend, a good real estate investment (a good house but not one thats' upkeep kills you) and you limit which relatives get things (buy you mom a house, buy your brother a house, don't give them $100k a year jobs forever).

It wouldn't be hard at all.
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