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Default Re: Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan

Originally Posted by Da KO King
Dilfer is 6'4" and also had a cannon arm when he came out of college. Flacco is also a game manager who is lucky to be in the Baltimore organization.

Flacco simply isn't a great QB. Every time someone makes a top QBs under 30 list he's routinely slotted in at #5, behind Ryan, with the caveat that his playoff victories are considered as bonus points. Flacco is a placeholder QB. Good enough to fill in fine until you have the opportunity to get a real star at the position.

Actually Flacco 6 foot 6. My bad.

Flacco is much more than a game manager. I see all his games. He throws strikes w velocity and has great touch on the deep ball. Dude has a cannon.

I would say Ryan is supposed to be the better QB and was when they both started but he has a luxury directly affecting him w Roddy n Julio.

Flacco has had the better team but I'd say it's almost a wash.

Flacco ^

Ryan -

Their stock. Ryan is getting better too but he hasn't been much diff his entire career. Shit the bed in the playoffs.
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