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Default Re: NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Dockett recorded a whooping 3 tackles compared to Campbells 10 and 2 sacks...but stats mean nothing right?

Campbell is not only in the same class as those other names but possibly above them...he did play better than all of those names last year, he just didn't get noticed because he plays on the Cardinals

Calais Campbell 8 sacks / 52 tackles
J.J. Watt 5.5 sacks / 58 tackles
Haloti Ngata 5 sacks / 37 tackles
Justin Smith 7.5 sacks / 52 tackles

but right right...I get it, stats mean nothing and Campbell just did all of that because his buddies helped him do it

If you honestly think Campbell played better than Dockett last Sunday, all credibility is lost. You're only box score watching just to pimp your own guy when in reality he was mediocre. You know that "he plays for the Cardinals" would be a valid excuse if it wasn't for the fact that Houston rarely gets any media attention. Stats never tell the story when it comes to 3-4 defensive ends. Have you ever even watched a Cardinals game?

Calais Campbell is a phenomenal player but his 6'8 frame is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is his additional ability to be a force on special teams but the disadvantage is it's hard for him to stop the run because he doesn't have the leverage the Watts, Smiths, and Ngatas of the world have. Watt, Smith, and Ngata are all DOMINANT run defenders where as Campbell is simply average to above average.

1. Watt - The only argument against him right now is the fact that he doesn't have the track record. Other than that there's no argument.
2. Smith
3. Ngata

4. Campbell
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