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Default Re: NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.

That's probably true. If a d-lineman gets 10 tackles like Campbell did, he 99.9 percent for sure didn't have a poor game vs. the run and you don't have to watch the game to know that.

I'm not talking about Campbell's game last week. He was great in all aspects. He's just as likely to have a game like that next week as he is to be average at best vs. the run though, which is what I am saying when it comes to comparing to the other guys.

Look no further than the week prior vs. The Seahawks. I actually saw that game on Rewind and Campbell wasn't really impacting on run defense. Dockett was the clear cut best DLineman that day.

I'm not saying Campbell is a bad run defender either. He's very good, just not dominant week in and week out like those other 3.
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