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Default Re: Vince Young is out of money

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
just about every human on the planet thinks they know exactly how to manage huge amounts of isn't nearly as easy as people think, esp dealing with a job that short term, I'm sure Young had assumed he would still be playing today, he probably thought he would be a starter today.

over 90% of lottery winners go broke after 5 years...and yeah that's a lot of dumb white trash but it still shows how easy it is to lose money...

hiring a money manager is the first step...none of these guys do it, they always take things into their own hands and they know jack shit about numbers...

It's not hard at all. The athletes who go broke are usually the idiots who are dumb as bricks w/ no common sense(T.O, Walker, Dez Bryant, etc).. The smart athletes like Shane Battier or Carson Palmer never go broke because they don't have a thousand baby mamas and they don't waste their money on bling at any given moment.
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