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Default Re: What should 76ers starting lineup be?

PG: Jrue Holiday
SG: Jason Richardson
SF: Dorrel Wright
PF: LaVoy Allen
C: Andrew Bynum

I think that Turner would do a pretty good job off the bench this year, because we do not really have a backup PG now since Lou is gone.

Nick Young can fill up the SG spot pretty well off of the bench.

Thad Young is excellent backup at the SF, he has a great dribble game, post too. He can also play some PF if he needs to.

Hawes is probably going to be the main PF/C backup. He has a great outside game, but that post needs to get better.

Originally Posted by QuebecBaller
Turner is not big enough to play SF

J-Rich is not tall enough to play SF

and D-Wright is not starting material

Solution: Trade J-Rich for a true starting SF... but I don't know which one

May I simply ask this. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING!?

1) Both Turner and Jason Richardson are adequate sized for SF.

2) Dorrel Wright is PERFECT starting material.
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