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I just grabbed this downloadable puzzler for PS3. I think it's a PS exclusive.

It's pretty cool so far. It's got a nifty gimmick. The game is played in complete darkness, except for areas lit by beams of light, or light orbs that the character can carry. The trick is if it's not lit, it doesn't exist. So if you're not carrying a light, and you walk into the shadows, you fall to your death, because there's no ground if it's not lit. Each level is a 2D platformer set up with a door. Sometimes needing a key, sometimes needing some other mechanic to open up. Say there's a wall between you and the door, you'd want to eliminate any light pointing at the wall, then you can jump over that gap, because the wall wouldn't exist.

My only gripe is that it gives me a bit of a headache playing and focusing on this small moving area of screen, so I can't really play that long.

I still feel like there should be a DL Game topic stuck in here. I never know what to buy. They don't get advertised. Rarely get reviewed. I just stumble on an occasional one while in the store. And I like them for chewing up a week or two of casual gaming.
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