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Default Re: my top-10 CB duos going into 2012

Originally Posted by Carbine

You gotta let it go. I don't know if I threaten you because I call you out on things you're wrong about or whatever it may be, but let it go.

You have got to have better things to do then to go around throwing insults around. Really. I have had my fair share of debates here and when I'm wrong, I'm wrong. If someone calls me out on something and I'm wrong about it, I don't act like a adolescent and insult people left and right and follow them around after the fact.

But then again, I don't go around saying shit like Harrison was a non-factor in the superbowl besides his interception, which was clearly not the case and you were wrong about. I don't go around saying the 49'ers built from the inside out and never spent a top pick on a wideout, even though that is patently false as they drafted Crabtree 10th overall (and just spent a first rounder on another wideout)

You were wrong. I called it out and you went on a insult spree. You are certainly consistent. A consistent baby when you're wrong. How about next time you say something wrong and someone calls you out on it, man up and say "you're right " and be done with it?
That might be the most delusional statement you've made to date which is saying something. Please cite one instance when you've admitted you were wrong on this forum. If you're able to provide just 1 example, I will try to leave you alone, because I know I've been hurting your feelings a lot lately.

I am wrong all the time. I put myself out there and make a lot of bold statements, I misfire all the time but at the end of the day the difference between us is I have no problem admitting I'm frequently wrong and that actually lends me a lot more credibility than you. Where as you come off as a complete jerk that has a major chip on his shoulder. It's hard to come off like a jerk on a message board too, especially discussing football, think about that. I assure you I'm not alone in thinking this because me and almost all the members of the fantasy league thing you're a complete tool, they're just kind enough not to engage you.

"If I call you on things that you're wrong about, let it go"

Do you really think that's why I make fun of you all the time?

I make fun of you all the time because you spew statements like this

Browner/Sherman that high is a bit much. I call bullshit on you even watching a couple games of them. So you putting them that high? You must be taking someone elses opinion and using it as yours.

Who says that? Someone who is really spiteful, bitter, insecure, and angry. To get that mad about over some shit you read on the internet is really pathetic which basically sums up your posting career and I'd even venture to say your existence.

Also newsflash: You are not a scout, you watch the games with the same pair of eyes everyone else does. Your opinion is not any more valid then anyone else. You just think your opinion is worth more then it is, which is one of the worst traits a person can have. Anytime you've actually tried to put your knowledge to the test, you've failed. You've played in 3 fantasy leagues with me? (2 of which I won?) and every time you ended up quitting midway through the season. That's called being a bitch.

Football is supposed to be fun. It's not always about who is right or wrong, it's about enjoying the game. Lighten up or I'm going to continue to call you out, because you act like a real tool with a chip on his shoulder.
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