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Default Re: my top-10 CB duos going into 2012

lol Carbine got all threatened by me mentioning Browner and Sherman

"no way he knew of that before me!!!, he must have stole that opinion elsewhere!!!"

please Carbine, feel free to search the web up and down to find someone else with that opinion, you won' is my opinion. Seattle has the two tallest CBs to play together perhaps in the history of the game, both around 6'4"...which is just ridiculous obviously, and both have killer CB Metrics (where I formed the opinion) to show they don't give up much...they gave up very little against Dallas last week, can't wait to see what Rodgers can do there.

and Marlo might be wrong from time to time, but he is 100% right about you being a f@ggot. The over/under for how many cocks you will suck this year is much more than how many yards the Seattle CBs give up this year.
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