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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

"We get more time for attention to detail, we can be more elaborate, we can work the 2nd or 3rd parts of an offensive set," said Corbin. "We wouldn't be in a rush, we can build consistency."

Last year, it was all done in a dash. A play or a system would be introduced to the team. However, there was no time to dig into the core of the play. Once there was a basic understanding it was time to move onto to the next item or all the items on the agenda wouldn't addressed.

"We get to put time into things, teammates can get a better understanding of each other," explained Corbin.

Go back to the beginning of last season. The Jazz didn't understand where each other were on the defensive end of the floor and it showed in blowout losses early to the Denver Nuggets and the L.A. Lakers. Impressively, Corbin was able to get his team to improve with limited practice time during the shortened season and the Jazz finished as a tighter defensive team.

"Early in the season, guys were guessing and thinking. You can't play that way," Corbin recalled.

Corbin's work has already started. Unlike last off-season when he was prohibited from talking to, seeing or communicating in any way with players, this summer he has been building up the frequent flier miles.

Good to hear. Hopefully the return of the flex offense instead of the Al isolation.

The summer of Enes (Kanter)
he Utah Jazz have a logjam with their big men, they have the hardworking scrapper, the point-scoring center, the fan favorite with potential, the dunk champ and the unknown enigma from Turkey.

Corbin went to New Jersey to lunch with new Jazzman Randy Foye. He visited Al Jefferson at his camp in Mississippi and saw him workout. He stopped by and checked up on Mo Williams while in Mississippi and visited with Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors in Las Vegas while they played with the elite team. He then flew to Orlando to see Enes Kanter, Alec Burks and Kevin Murphy.

Those trips, along with regular visits with Jazz players at the P3 training center in Santa Barbara, and Corbin's message has been sent. There is no doubt what is expected from each player, they know what a Corbin-coached team will be and they enter training camp with a clear vision of what is anticipated.

"It has given us more time in building better relationships, we still have to coach, but we have more time for more understanding," said Corbin.

Eighteen month into his head coaching career, Corbin will finally be able to do what he knows leads to wins: dig into the details.

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