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Default Re: #40 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
I find it funny that people are voting for Mchale yet in the Ray vs. Manu thread, people were saying it's Ray because Manu was a bench player while Ray was a starter.

Well guess what? Mchale was a bench player for more than half of his career as well while Pierce has always been a starter.

Thats an absolutely completely different argument...manu was never an mvp candidate whereas mchale won mvp in his career which is saying soemthing...mchale was the man in his tenure with the blazers leading them to a title and snagging a finals mvp while he was at it...he has way more nba accolades then manu...saying manu was better then ray is flat out ridiculous because manu never played more then 30 minutes a game in his entire career even in his peak...ill definitely take the guy that can give you 40 minutes a game and carry the team on his shoulders night in a night out 10 times out of 10

also there are at least 10 other ppl to put over a huge pierce guy but hes not a top 50 player of all time let alone top 40
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