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Originally Posted by Rose
I've played it before, really fun but I got stuck after an hour or so of playing it. I would definitely recommend it, might go back and play it again today.

I know you have a very defined game taste so I might not be able to help you as much but for downloadable games on PSN,

Journey is ridiculously fun, kind of short though.
Minecraft, I've gotten my 20 bucks worth out of it easily.
Joe Danger, which is a racing type game, except you can design the tracks in a way by putting new objects on the maps, be it loops you have to drive, or objects to drive around or ramps, etc etc.

So far my favorite DLs have been the two pixel junk shooters. Limbo. Elephunk.
I have a taste for puzzlers on the DL stuff.

I'd like to give Minecraft and Journey a shot.
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