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Default Re: End of NY/Tampa Bay reactions

It's unnecessary and could get a player or even multiple players injured for pretty much no reason. Also, it's desperation from a loser's mentality. They know that the other team has their guard lowered and isn't going to do anything, so they're trying to sneak something which has much more of a chance of getting someone injured than actually succeeding in winning the game.

i don't see how it's any cheaper than anything else in question on a normal game day.

Because it's something that is clear that everyone can see. It's not some guy doing cheap and classless shit at the bottom of the pile that nobody can see.

you've obviously never played or seen lower level football. they do this all the time.

I've played and coached for many years, and no, this is not what happens. Nobody rushes in when it's over in that situation. We have sportsmanship in our league. Check out an excerpt from wiki: "Especially when the outcome of the game has been well decided, defenses will often give little resistance to the play as a matter of sportsmanship as well as to reduce injury risk on what is a relatively simple play. The quarterback is generally not touched and the act of intentionally taking the knee results in the play being over in all variations of the sport." It's an unwritten rule, but it's also something the NFL has looked at in the past. They've thought about putting in an actual rule to prevent it. I don't think they'd actually do it until at least someone got injured, but it's hard for that to happen when pretty much everyone else has the sportsmanship to not attempt it. But yeah, who cares about sportsmanship and about players getting injured when there's a 1 in a centillion chance you could end up tying the game? When there's time left and you actually have a chance? OK, then maybe I could see it. But, when there's no time left and you have no chance?
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