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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
i like hartline out of that list. i just think he'll emerge as the main receiver on that team. tannehill was looking for him a lot. if it's a PPR league, i'd consider hawkins. i also like austin collie if he can stay healthy. if he has a big day sunday, you might want to add him.

i wouldn't worry about handcuffs with your RB's. you need firepower, not insurance. i don't know if you can make another trade, but i'd try to get a better RB2. powell isn't bad...rex likes him and greene has been pretty unimpressive so far. if you're going to run 3.1 ypc, any team will grow impatient with that. just keep an eye out for a RB. are leshoure and pierre thomas scooped up?

I have Leshoure on my bench as well as Hillis. He's the guy I dropped Ryan Williams for. Oh, I also have Matt Forte. I forgot to mention him because I didn't look at my bench.

Pierre is gone.

My WRs are fine. I can work with Dez, Wayne, Harvin, and Britt. Although Dez Bryant really gets on my nerves.

I think I'm going to pick up Powell just in case Greene gets demoted (I have no idea how close this is to happening) and continue to watch the waivers. I'm last in the waiver order anyway, so picking up Powell is just a filler/insurance with upside for now.

QBs: Cam Newton / Sam Bradford
RBs: MJD / Matt Forte / Shonn Greene / Mikel Leshoure / Bilal Powell / Peyton Hillis
WRs: Dez Bryant / Reggie Wayne / Percy Harvin / Kenny Britt
TEs: Martellus Bennett / Jermaine Gresham
D/ST: Ravens
K: Matt Bryant

Hopefully Britt returns to form. By then, I'll figure out what's happening between Greene, Leshoure, Powell, and Hillis.. Drop one and pick up a WR.

Thoughts on that plan?

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