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Default Re: Post Your Headphones

Originally Posted by Meticode
Sound is a lot like art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What someone else hears you're not going to hear. You have to search for what works for you. Right now I'm in a phase where I like In-Ear-Monitors. Headphones are just too clunky for me right now. Right now the Nu Force NE-700Xs are a god send for me and they're only $50-$60 and they sound better than a lot of $100+ IEMs.

Yeah I know what you mean. It's the general consensus of audio fidelity. Doesn't apply to me though because the sound coming from my headphones is actually perfect for me, yet at the same time I feel this awful guilt by owning such expensive gear that I don't think I should own. My case is rare for typical audiophiles because most of them have absolutlely no regard for money, but I just can't seem to enjoy music as much as I used to. ****ed up part about all this is that I'm having trouble settling with cheaper cans because now that my ears are somewhat trained, I'm more prone to detect flaws in the inferior quality. I feel like I'm caught in a crossfire.

I put up my HD600 for sale on craigslist but I pulled them right back because I can't seem to let these go. I gotta admit they're one awesome pair of headphones.
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