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Default Re: Deal Done - Dwightmare Finally Ends

i agree, and if i was a magic fan i would still be beyond pissed. they're giving the fans almost nothing to root for the next couple of years until it gets interesting somewhere down the road. i mean, at least they could have put on a freak show and brought in allen iverson or stephon marbury to keep the fans entertained this year.

still, i understand what they're trying to do. they're hoping to draft a tim duncan or a kobe bryant or a lebron james... or at least multiple lesser stars to launch a new team with.

the magic are obviously taking an important lesson from all the 'very good but not elite' teams that are always knocking on the door, spinning their wheels, and never actually getting anywhere. the knicks are probably the standard bearer for that model, but such teams are as common as dirt. the nets have also been going through that for the past eight years or so-- the harder we tried to get back to being a finals-caliber team, the more mediocre our draft picks became and the more mediocre of a team we became. sad but true IMO.

so i'd say hennigan is an ambitious gambler, but he's also taking huge advantage of a basic reality- that you can totally piss off your base for a couple years yet there'll still be enough attendees and home viewers to limp through the dark years, financially. then, when the team suddenly gets better in 2-3 years, they won't be able to sell tickets fast enough and the past won't matter.

it's the luxury of being an NBA franchise in a solid market. by comparison, imagine trying to do that with some less-popular sports franchise in north america. next thing you know, you're folding up shop and are nothing but dust in the wind.

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