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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

From trib interview with Hayward:


Add more muscle weight again: Same
type of thing. I think I added about five more pounds. Last year, I think I came
in at 220, but ended up playing at 210, 211. So hopefully I can kind of keep it
more this year as a opposed to last year.

At 225 right now: Yeah. I think I was
at 223. Hopefully it'll be right around the 220-mark.

Hopefully he can put a full year together. He's finished strong the past two years and shot the ball well for stretches.

Determined after two seasons whether he prefers
to play shooting guard or small forward:
You know, I think it'll take
[care of itself]. It's one of things especially and I've said this to you
before especially in our offense, it doesn't really matter. A lot of times,
it's going to depend on matchups and defensively you're taking advantage of
someone there's a lot of smaller 2 guards out there that I can definitely take
advantage. At the same time, we've got a lot of good guys that are capable of
playing the 2. So it doesn't matter to me and it mostly depends defensively who
they want me to guard.

He should be running the offense most of the time unless Tinsley or Watson is in there.
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