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Default Re: Artests Prediction

Originally Posted by bladefd
Stuff like this makes people hate the Lakers.. But hey, I will accept it as long as Lakers win the championship. I have already declared Lakers the best team in nba this upcoming season to everyone I know in real-life, and I have talked so much trash since we got Dwight. Boy do people hate me now

I think it's time for us Laker fans to lay off the dagger for a bit. I talked a lot of trash for 2 weeks straight after getting Dwight, but now it's time to just stop. Lakers already have a big enough target and I KNOW for sure that I will be getting text-messages and messages on facebook as soon as Lakers lose a couple games in a row.

Just don't put TOO much pressure on the Lakers... Know that it will be the most pressure the Lakers have had since the Shaq/Kobe days... I can promise that much, perhaps more. We technically have a more stacked roster than any of the Shaq/Kobe seasons except 04 with Payton/Malone..
If they lost, we will say YOU jinxed it.
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