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Default Re: Nudity/Sexual Content In Video Games

Originally Posted by intrinsic
It's almost never done well. A god example of poor execution is DNF. That was a bad game, dressed up with sex, profanity and violence, pretending to be a satirical look at the gaming industry. It ended up being, a lazy, grotesque, heavy-handed mess of all the offensive shit someone could dream up.

I don't have a problem with sexing up characters (DOA) or banging hookers (GTA) as long as it isn't the driving mechanic in a game. Do you really see yourself having fun playing a QTE to direct your character through intercourse?

There are lots of games with over the top gore as the selling point as well that have no true artistic motives other than the sake of giving people enjoyment from disemboweling an enemy. Only difference is one is done with guns, swords, fists and powers while the other is done with breasts and genitals.

But I'm not talking about a porno game or something where sex is the main focus. I mean something like Mass Effect that has some scenes of love making. It looks pretty silly to see two people supposedly having sex while being fully clothed during and after the sequence.
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