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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-2013 Discussion

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Even if they make Top 16 it means nothing ( I was not even necessarily saying they would not - as there are always crap teams to beat in regular season ). They won't be competitive. I am saying they can't be competitive. I don't want to see teams going 2-12 or 3-13 in Top 16 but that's probably what we will see.

Partizan is going to be struggling just like they did when Gist was there in Top 16. Only difference is now there are something like 14 or 16 games in Top 16.

Euroleague making that change, and then teams like Partizan and Olimpija going with all these young players, it just does not look right. Even Lietuvos Rytas is doing it now too.

Top 16 could be terrible with this. Surely you realize that a team that young, with not a single leader or star can't compete at Top 16 level?
Well I think that Partizan will have a leader and maybe even a star . As I said they don't want to compete this season , they want to compete in next season and thats why they got lot of talented players .
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